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Today is September 24,2020.
Full Service
Catering to strategic cooperation development demands among various countries, government at all levels, relevant institutions and CDIU’s cooperation partners, we specially design this “Strategic Cooperation Section”. We will spare no efforts to provide our strategic cooperation partners with the following full range services:
  • Implementing “Bring in” work of investment inviting and “Going out” work of overseas market expansion.
    “Bring in” work includes: various industrial parks construction, free trade zone construction, bonded zones construction, bringing in technology, talent, industry and capital.
    "Going out " work includes: outputting of industry (i.e. transferring over-capacity industries to other countries or regions in need), products, technologies, talents and capital.
  • Seeking and connecting cooperation partners and resources for major projects from various countries, government at all levels,
    relative institutions and CDIU’s cooperation partners. Major projects include construction of port, highway, railway, solar power station and hydro power station.
  • Jointly with CDIU's global cooperation partners, experts and scholars, research institutions, providing topic researching and
    major projects’ analysis, which mainly include urban development plan, industrial development planning, various industrial parks planning and special industry development planning.
  • Organizing different level's meetings, forums and exhibitions according to cooperation development demand in different fields
    arising from various countries, government at all levels, relevant institutions and CDIU’s cooperation partners.
  • Provide relevant support for our member units, including policy consultation, fund support (investment and financing, loan,
    financial leasing, etc.), technology, industry update, product research & development, industry connection, industry transfer, industry integration, technology update, topic research on special project, overseas development and overseas market expansion.
Cooperation Partners of the Union
  • Tai Chinese Association
  • China Xinhongmen Party
  • Sino-trans & CSC Holding Co., Ltd
  • China Chinese Study Association
  • Taiwan Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Program
  • Kinmen Matsu and Taiwan Cross-strait Exchanges Association
  • International Painting and Calligraphy Art Union
  • Chinese Nederland se Cultuur en Kunst
  • World Low Carbon Environment Protection United Association
  • Tianjin Port Area of China (Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • Henan Bonded Logistics Center
  • World Chinese Medicine & Herbs United Association
  • The Whole Self Institute of Nature Medicine
  • Bodashitong International Logistics (Beijing )Co., Ltd. Sino-trans & CSC
  • World Nature Medicine Foundation
  • World Classic Medicine Alliance
  • Central China Leasing Co., Ltd.
  • Chinese Association of Culture Creativity
  • Taipei Asia China Economical Culture Association
  • Taiwan Association for Friendship with the World
  • China Art Center Fan Society
  • Taiwan News Agency
  • Chinese Global Talent Resource Association
  • Taipei City Culture Education Economy Development Promotion Association
  • Association of Communication among Enterprises Across Straight
  • Chinese Cultural and Education Development Association
  • Chinese Tourist Medicine Association
  • Chinese National Director-General Association
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Notice of Holding the First Session International Cooperation and Development Conference
To Partners of Cooperation and Development of International Union: “Cooperation and Development of International Union” and “Beijing Elephant Alliance International Economy and Trade Center” together with various countries related institutions and cooperation partners including various countries industry associations, free trade zone, leading enterprises in an industry plan to hold the...
Public Welfare
To help more people in need! EA and its member units joint with public welfare institutions and generous individuals dedicated to supporting disadvantaged, carry out activities in the whole world to bring a more harmonious and equal society!
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