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Today is August 9,2020.

Consultant Group

The Consultant Group, whose main task is to provide guidance and support on the development of the Union and the international cooperation and development, is the highest think tank of the Union. Its membership is mainly composed of royal members of various countries, government officials, ambassadors, minister ambassadors, counselors, top people in the particular fields, international friends, experts and scholars, celebrities, etc.
Royal Huazong Grand Master in Thailand
Minister of Affairs Ministry, State Council
Thailand five star General
Former Governor of Anhui Province, China, Mr
Previous Chief Editor of Guangming Daily , M
Ambassador of Azerbaijan Embassy in Beijing
Ambassador of Zimbabwe Embassy in Beijing ,
Ambassador of Central Africa Embassy in Beij
Ambassador of cape verde Embassy in Beijing
Ambassador of Mauritius Embassy in Beijing ,
Ambassador of Tanzania Embassy in Beijing ,
Ambassador of Guinea Embassy in Beijing , Dr
• Ambassador of Sudan Embassy in
Ambassador of Benin Embassy in Beijing , Mr.
• Ambassador of Cote d'Ivoire Em
Commercial Counselor of Togo Embassy in Beij
Minister of Ghana Embassy in Beijing, Mr. Go
Minister counselor of Embassy of Serbia in B
Previous director of PLA TV Properganda Cent
Previous Production Management Director of G
Previous Deputy Director of National Religio
Former Vice President& Deputy Party Secr
Counselor of Nigeria Embassy in China, Mr. E
Commercial Counselor of Azerbaijan Embassy
• Counselor of Cape Verde Embassy
Commercial Consular of Malaysia Embassy: Mr.
Commercial Attach of Libya Embassy
Military attaché of Mozambique Embassy i
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