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Today is July 13,2020.
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Notice of Holding the First Session International Cooperation and Development Conference
Catatory: Notifications     Author: admin     Posted Date: July 13,2020
To Partners of Cooperation and Development of International Union:
“Cooperation and Development of International Union” and “Beijing Elephant Alliance International Economy and Trade Center” together with various countries related institutions and cooperation partners including various countries industry associations, free trade zone, leading enterprises in an industry plan to hold the first session international cooperation and development conference in late September of 2016 in Beijing so as to comply with more global momentum of development, meet the strong desires of global cooperation development and win-win outcome among countries, regions and societies.
The attendees and units invited to this conference are heads of government, officials, royal family members, ambassadors to China, relevant organizations, free trade zone, industry park, leading enterprises in an industry where they come from the countries of more than one hundred Honorary Consultants and Honorary Chairmen of the association. And there are above 10 heads of state at Presidential level, King level or Prime Minister level and 20 to 30 attendees at Vice Prime Minister or Royal Official level; 100 attendees are ministerial leaders; another 100 attendees are top leaders in all field. The scale of the conference is about 2000 attendees.
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