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Today is August 8,2020.
About CDIU
Catatory: About the Union     Author: admin     Posted Date: August 8,2020
Cooperation and Development of International Union (CDIU) is a non-government and non-profit organization (NGO) and is a global platform which complies with the increasing globalized world framework and to respond to the voice of global exchange and cooperation from various countries/regions and societies to provide a full range of services for the promotion of large exchanges, cooperation and development in all areas of the world. The Association, founded by the Elephant Alliance International Cooperation and Development Promotion Group Co. Ltd. and Beijing Elephant Alliance International Economy and Trade Center, is under the guidance of the leaders of countries and the proposal of distinguished people in societies, and approved by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The Association’s Registration number is 63190597-001-04-14-9.

The CDIU is backed by our presidium and consultant group composed of incumbent and former national leaders and government key officials of various countries, ambassadors, ministers, counselors, industry top people, scholars and experts; we take our cooperation countries, regions and governments at all levels as our backgrounds. We jointly with global official institutions and non-governmental groups such as financial and investment institutions, research and development institutions, policy research institutions, various industrial parks, free trade zones and bonded areas as our cooperation partners, to provide our cooperative countries, governments at all levels, all related institutions and our member units with the following services:

•   Implementing “Bring in” work of investment inviting and “Going out” work of overseas market expansion for various countries and governments at all levels.
    “Bring in” work includes various industrial parks constructions, free trade zone construction, bonded zone construction, bringing in technologies, talents, industries and capital.
    “Going out” work includes outputting of industries (transferring over-capacity industries to other countries or regions in need), products, technologies, talents and capital.
•   Searching and connecting cooperation partners and resources for major projects from various countries, governments at all levels, related institutions and CDIU’s cooperation partners. Major projects include construction of port, highway, railway, solar power station and hydro power station.
•   Jointly with CDIU’s global cooperation partners, experts and scholars, research institutions, providing topic researching and major projects’analysis, which mainly include urban development plan, industrial development planning, various industrial parks planning and special industry development planning.
•   Organizing different level meetings, forums and exhibitions according to cooperation development demand in different fields arising from various countries, governments at all levels, relevant institutions and CDIU’s cooperation partners.
•   Providing relevant support for our member units, including policy consultation, fund support (investment and financing, loan, financial leasing, etc.), technology, industry update, product research & development, industry connection, industry transfer, industry integration, technology update, topic research on special project, overseas development and overseas market expansion. 
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